Current Projects

Hidden Gems (present) – A YouTube series consisting of video game reviews and playthroughs. Andrew Cornell and I try to unearth the unknown classics in the video gaming libraries.

Spectrals (Demo: May 2016) – A 3D, puzzle-platforming game. When aliens which can only be seen in alternative visual spectra invade Earth, a miner and a physicist team up to save the planet from destruction

The Crypt (Demo: May 2016) – A 2D, fantasy, action-platforming role-playing game in the mode of Metroid or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. When a supermassive prison enters revolt and threatens the safety of the nation, a monster hunter must restore order and discover the conspiracy behind the prison’s riot.

Mainframe (TBD)A 2D, cyberpunk, turn-based strategy game in the mode of Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics. Set in a dystopian future, the game examines the nature and impact of artificial intelligence, government control, and conspiracies.

End of Days (TBD) – A fantasy/steampunk graphic novel. Set in a fantasy world undergoing industrial revolution, a group of criminals must band together and stop a tyrannical dictator from committing mass genocide.

The Last City (TBD) – A series of science fiction short stories. The stories follow the events surrounding the last city on Earth, after an apocalyptic event nearly destroys the world.

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