Lee and Andrew Play…Various Games

In addition to my review show, I’ve started a Let’s Play series with my co-host Andrew Cornell. Watch us as we play video games, give our own commentary, and discuss life, the universe, and how bad the controls for the Wii are.

This is a different sort of project than I am used to working on. As a writer, I attempt to plan out what I am going to create, and execute it accordingly. With the off-the-wall, improvisational environment of a Let’s Play, there isn’t as much room for planning as there is to just spew whatever nonsense fills my head. Sitting down with the footage afterward allows me to make edits and enhance the humor, but my quick wit and responses to my co-host are what I challenge myself to showcase during our playthroughs.

Please enjoy the first two episodes of our series, as we play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Until Dawn.

Rush’n Attack – Hidden Gems

It took me over a year, but I finally finished my first YouTube game review.

In October of 2014, I resolved to start a YouTube channel with my friend, Andrew Cornell. We wanted to make a channel where we would review lesser-known video games and have our own Let’s Plays. We came up with the concept for the show that night and then created a game plan to achieve our goal. Writing, acquiring the film equipment, recording the footage, and editing was completed over the course of months on and off. And as of today, I am proud to present Hidden Gems, the show where we unearth the unknown classics of the video gaming libraries.

Our first episode explores Rush’n Attack, a Konami game that never achieved the level of fame that Castlevania has. Why is that the case? And why does vodka taste like permanent markers? You’ll have to watch the review to find out.