The Outer Journey of Inward

Deep, deep, deep into the shallows of the tide
Did Vera sift through the scum and microbes, searching
For a path. But who is to say he’ll ever find
It? A melody ever so sweet, it tasted of salt
As he licked his tongue. The clouds crooned as he longed
For the warmth of a berg. Oia melted into
A clotted, grey mess, but no one noticed their skin
And bones slipping into the sky. No one notices
Anymore how Allison danced on the table
Coffee and staples spilling onto sand.
She’ll be forgotten soon, like the shaved dust of
Plastic flying through a river of bile, and we will
Remember the name of Space and Fortune,
But she won’t be around to hear a glimpse of it.
The tines vibrate with immensity. Tine, time, tie
Clinching your throat with velvet hooks
As the waves bear against the rocks.

Inspired by Charles Bernstein’s “Gertrude and Ludwig’s Bogus Adventure”



Super Han Solo

So I heard you like Star Wars

Well, what a coincidence, because I do, too! In fact, Star Wars is probably the biggest influential piece of media on my personality. A New Hope is one of the first movies I have the memory of watching, so obviously it was hugely fundamental in forming me into the beautiful ball of nerd that I am today. Between that and my excitement towards the then-newly released The Force Awakens, I felt obligated to create an homage to it.

Which leads to Super Han Solo. Beginning as a project for a Level Design class, I created a short platforming level, where you can control Han Solo as he races across the Tatooine desert to reach the Mos Eisley cantina. Along the way, there are Millennium Falcon tokens to collect, falling pitfalls to avoid, and Chewbaccas to placate.

Download Super Han Solo

Special thanks to Derek Prate, for writing the base code.