This Is The End…Of The Year

A semester at school has come and gone. I’ve spent a lot of time gaming, sure, but as is evidenced by this blog, I’ve also spent a lot of time learning not only about the industry, but on how to really convey arguments and opinions in an interesting manner.

The gaming industry is fast-paced and constantly changing. Information about video games, whether about software, hardware, developers, or publishers comes comes out every single day. In order to meet this demand for info, websites need to constantly update and post the info. Of course, websites will also publish opinion pieces, but the reason we visit these websites is to find out more about the industry we know and love. Writing for this blog and learning how to research about the industry has taught me the importance of weeding out the factual or the intriguing, from the false and the boring. Even making a few posts here and there throughout the semester has really shown me the difficulty of being a journalist.

Games, much like blogs and news websites, make arguments of their own. Whether making metafictive arguments or bringing people together through online communities, gaming has improved and entertained the lives of many. Even the many numerous problems in the industry have helped to evolve gaming for the better. They teach us about critical thought, morality, teamwork, and, most important of all, gaming has entertained us.

More than movies and books, gaming is immersive entertainment because of its interactive nature. It makes us active in a story-telling, problem-solving, and sense-stimulating adventure all written on a disc or a cartridge. Gaming has taught me so much, and not just by playing, but by writing about them, too. New Year’s resolutions are often never truly accomplished, but I do want to make it my goal throughout the next year to post more blog entries, expand my critical and rhetorical argument abilities, and continue to immerse myself in the industry I love.


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