Unfulfilled Destiny: What Developers Promise and What’s Delivered

Game developers make promises. There’s nothing wrong with that: they want to sell us a product and satisfy a demand, so they claim that they will do something to satisfy that demand. However, when those promises outstrip the execution of that product, that’s when the promises become an issue.

Some games tend to become the victim of a “hype-train”; the excitement and anticipation around the game build to unrealistic proportions, to the point that when the game is finally released, no one is satisfied. These games end up being disappointing, examples of what could have been. So seeing these major giants rise and fall numerous times has made us callous and unable to fall for the hype again…right?

Destiny, one of the biggest games ever made, is one of the newest victims of the hype-train. I should know; I fell for it, as did many other gamers. I wanted so badly to believe that it would be the generation-defining game that it claimed to be, but when it ultimately came out, I, like thousands of other games, groaned in disbelief when the final product proved itself to be a boring and repetitive joke. That’s ultimately what it is now: a joke, a cruel prank played upon us by Bungie and Activision. I’m sure the intent was not to create a mediocre game; they obviously wanted it to sell big. But unfortunately, the intention was crushed by its execution.

We, as a gaming community, need to learn to not buy into the hype. We must investigate each game on a case-by-case basis and determine, individually, whether the game will live up to expectations or not. Otherwise, these games could become the next Destiny.

God, I hope Mass Effect 4 doesn’t suck…


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